TV On The Radio “Nine Types Of Light”
The Walkmen “Lisbon”
The Badger
Beyondo “Gold Tone”
Ms. Mr.
Rose Hips & Ships
Leland Sundries
The Mumbles “Annunciation Street” 2011
Jeff Litman “Outside” 2012
Dare Dukes “Prettiest Transmitter of All” 2008
“Thugs and China Dolls” 2012
French Camp
Underground Horns
Gato Loco Coconino
Zongo Junction “Thieves” 2011 “No Discount” 2014
Brother Joscephus “Love Revolution” 2013
Alex Winston
Boogie Rock Boys “Glory & Blues” 2013
Third Space
Genkin Philharmonic
Freelance Whales “Diluvia” 2012
Abby Ahmad “Curriculum”
Aabaraki “Emancipation EP”
Scramber Seequil
Breakdown Brass