Kevin with Gregorio Uribe Big Band
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It has always been a dream of mine to perform in South America, and this week it was realized when I played with Gregorio Uribe Big Band at the Festival Vive La Musica: La Cumbia Unea Latinamerica in Medellin, Colombia on Monday. Gregorio is from Colombia originally, but this was the first time the band has traveled with him to Colombia to perform. The festival also featured some other great acts that shared the stage with us that day: Bareto (Peru), Compass (Mexico), Marksheider Kunst (Russia), Puerto Candelaria (Colombia), and the amazing FANFARE CIOCĂ‚RLIA from Romania. All of them were incredible, and we had a wonderful time hanging out at the festival all day, meeting these amazing musicians from around the world and hearing about their experience.

Colombia is a breathtakingly beautiful  country, with rolling mountains, tropical plants and wildlife, and beautiful people. The energy in Medellin is one of acceptance of the rich arts and culture of Latin America. Never have I seen so much local support for the arts as I did in Medellin. Look out for Gregorio’s band returning to Colombia next month.

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