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tumblr_ni4omk2tR21qggwnvo1_400Big News!  I’m very honored to have been included in the Humans Of New York Blog, one of my favorite blogs out there.  It features a couple of New Yorkers per day, and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to be interviewed and photographed by Brandon.  He is an incredibly sweet guy and asked very difficult questions with a sense of understanding and compassion.  I was quoted assaying,“I’m trying to find a way to be happy without being the best.”And then in a follow up post, “The downtime is tough. It can be stressful when you go two weeks without work, and there’s nothing ahead on the schedule, and you log onto Facebook and see all the stuff other peopl

e aredoing. And a lot of times it feels like I’m not building anything permanent. It’s relatively easy to get gigs when you’re thirty-something, but you don’t see too many old guys in other people’s bands. But being on stage is the happiest I ever feel. It feels great to have all those eyes on you and ears on you. There’s a jubilation to being up there and working together as a unit to vibrate the air and make people dance. I was pre-law during my first two years of college. I’m sure if I’d been a lawyer, I’d feel a lot more secure. But then I’d be battling an even heavier type of depression.”

It’s an incredible feeling to have my words and portraits reach so many people.  The feedback and overwhelming support and encouragement I’ve received, lots from friends, most from strangers, has been heartwarming to say the least.  Thank you!

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